About KCC

Korean Conversation Club (KCC) in Calgary (YYC), Alberta (AB/Alta.), Canada (CAN)

KCC’s Purpose & Mission

Since 2010, KCC is a great way to learn, study, practice, and exchange languages and cultures with others face-to-face, in-person, in small social groups, in a mixed-class format! At KCC, you can meet new people, make new friends, socialize, and build a sense of local and global community spirit and belonging through international, multi-cultural conversation!

KCC diagram summary showing what Korean Conversation Club (KCC ∙ Calgary) is all about

KCC’s Values & Membership (Who we are & Who goes to KCC)

Going to sessions at KCC is free!  🙂  KCC is open, inclusive, and diverse; we welcome anyone and everyone from all nationalities/citizenships, ethnicities, cultures, heritages/ancestries, religions/faiths/spiritualities, genders, and ages from the later-teenage years and above!  😀  Members can be local or international students/learners (including people who are self-taught/self-study), AND/OR non-students, like people who work at jobs and/or volunteer (including people with work visas/permits). Members can also (but don’t have to) be people who are in or graduated from trades/craft-works/vocational/technical schools, colleges, and/or universities, including alumni. KCC is also open to all language skill levels in Korean AND/OR English, like beginner, intermediate, and advanced. There is always someone for you to talk to! We’re excited to meet you!

KCC’s Programs (What we do): Sessions & Events

KCC’s Session Format (How KCC sessions work)

KCC has weekly sessions (meetings) on Tuesdays at 6pm. The sessions are usually for about ~2 hours split into 4 ~half-hour parts: with 2 ~half-hour parts focusing on Korean, and the other 2 ~half-hour parts focusing on English. You don’t have to be learning both Korean and English to join KCC.

At KCC, people are separated and randomly mixed to match/balance different languages/cultures between small groups. 🙂 If you arrive too late, there isn’t a guarantee that you will get matched with people of different languages/cultures.

Korean Conversation Club (KCC ∙ Calgary) diagram flow showing how session time is approximately broken down into parts

Each part is led or “taught” by a member of KCC. The members leading or “teaching” the weekly sessions might be the same or might change each week. This change/rotation in KCC helps members exchange cultures and practice their language speaking and listening skills through teamwork activities talking to and helping each other as both learners (“students”) and tutors in small groups, and through public speaking as “teachers” to a “class”. Depending on who are all “teaching” each week, and what the “lessons” and/or activities are, KCC can be like a combination of a conversation seminar, traditional class, language lab, and meet-up exchange.

KCC diagram relationship showing what the Korean Conversation Club (KCC ∙ Calgary) experience is like

After working together in a small group with tutors and other learners, learners share what they learned (or their teamwork activity answers/opinions) by speaking out loud to the rest of the “class”, so everyone can learn from each other together.

We expect that everyone helps and contributes by suggesting ideas for “lesson” topics and activities about what they would like to learn and do.

When sessions end, everyone helps put back all the tables and chairs, erase the whiteboards, and recycle any paper that isn’t taken home.

Each week that you want to go to a session, you MUST do the weekly sign-up BEFORE going, because there might not be enough spots for everyone. Join us!

KCC’s Post-Sessions (What happens after KCC sessions)

After sessions end, KCC members often go to an affordable and accessible restaurant for some dinner and/or drinks. Socializing at affordable and accessible restaurants after sessions end is actually when members get the best opportunities to exchange/practice their language skills, because they can exchange/practice in an everyday, realistic setting outside the “classroom”! Socializing with other members outside of KCC Tuesdays is also encouraged and will give you even more chances to practice!

Through the weekly session sign-up, KCC members give their suggestions for affordable and accessible restaurants, and everyone votes for which restaurant that members will go to. (Going to restaurants is recommended but optional.)

KCC does its best to choose affordable and accessible restaurants that are easy for everyone to get to and go back home. If there are enough drivers with vehicles, KCC members can often get a ride to restaurants. (If you get a ride, please remember to thank the other member driving you!) Eat with us!

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KCC’s Events (Other things that KCC does)

Outside of Tuesdays, KCC members often hang out in groups at non-Tuesday events! KCC has non-Tuesday events like get-togethers, holiday celebrations, outings, day-trips, weekend-trips, and community volunteering. If you are interested in a specific event that KCC isn’t doing yet, please let a KCC organizer know and talk to our members! Hang out with us!

Outside of KCC (International life in Canada/Calgary)

Are you new to Calgary or Canada, or are you getting started on living here? Want help?